Thursday, December 21, 2017

Holly Jolly Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods

With just a handful of days to go until Christmas, many of us are shuffling to get everything done that needs done during this crazy time of the year. The shopping. The gift-wrapping. The decorating. The party-planning. The baking. {And, the list goes on.} So, it's helpful to have a few quick shortcuts in our arsenal. Perhaps the kids need something for a holiday class party. Or, you need some simple goodies to hand out to co-workers, neighbors, etc. ... these festive sweet and salty snacks just may be the perfect solution.

They utilize minimal ingredients and come together rather easily. No baking is required. They require that very little - if any - dishes be dirtied up. I, literally, did not dirty one dish while making these. {I used wax paper to lay the chocolate-dipped pretzels on. I used a plastic spoon to help coat the pretzels. And, the chocolate came packaged with a melting tray that popped right into the microwave as-is.} So, it's a pretty easy project. And, it's one, too, to get the kids or grandkids involved with.

{Just be ready to grab the broom to sweep up all those sprinkles that'll inevitably end up on the floor by the end of the task, however.}

Yields 30 pretzel rods.


30 pretzel rods
1 - 16 oz. package almond bark/CANDIQUIK {can use chocolate candy melts/wafers}
White, green and/or red cookie icing or melted colored candy melts, for drizzling {if desired}
Assorted holiday-themed sprinkles, sugars, etc.

Optional for Packaging -

30 skinny cellophane bags {often labeled as "pretzel rod bags" in the craft section}
Holiday-themed thin ribbon or string


Get all of the supplies set up before beginning. Have the sprinkles/sugars opened. Have a large piece of parchment paper/wax paper spread out on the counter as a cooling area for the dipped pretzels.

Melt almond bark/chocolate in the microwave. Follow package directions for melting or heat for twenty-second intervals - stirring in between each interval - until melted and smooth.

Working one pretzel at a time, coat three-fourths of each pretzel rod with chocolate - leaving one end uncoated. {Use a spoon, as needed, to help coat pretzels.} Lay the dipped pretzels onto parchment or waxed paper to cool.

Every four rods, stop to sprinkle on desired garnishes while chocolate is still warm. If using colored candy melts or icing for drizzling, do so only once the initial coating of chocolate has hardened.

Allow to cool on parchment/wax paper.

NOTE: During the dipping process, chocolate may need a quick reheat in the microwave since it does tend to cool down and start to harden up as you go along.

Continue coating and decorating each pretzel until all are utilized.

Once fully cooled and hardened, package into cellophane bags or store in an airtight container until time of service.


  1. Yummy I did something similar yesterday. Who doesn't love sweet and salty :-) Have a great holiday!