Friday, July 26, 2019

DIY Spice Jar Drawer Project 2.0

Five years ago, I was the monthly "Kitchen Made Simple" contributor for Teal & Lime/School of Decorating. In March of 2014, I shared a fun DIY solution for my spices and dried herbs. That system of organization has worked incredibly well for our family {and gotten a lot of compliments} throughout the past five years. But, the labels were getting stained a bit and discolored. Basically, they were in dire need of a face lift. Furthermore, I had since acquired additional spices for which I had not yet created labels. So, I recently spent an afternoon revamping the whole system.

This is a project that you can do - I promise. From start to finish, it took me about three hours this time around. If you've got a computer, printer, paper and scissors, you can create the labels. The rest of the project is just a matter of picking up some small glass jars, washing them up and transferring all of your spices.

It makes reaching for a particular spice or herb so quick and easy when you're knee-deep in the act of cooking and baking. It's been so totally worth the time and effort to set this system up.

I'll show you below how I did it all. Your computer program may be a little different or your jar size{s} may vary from mine. Just work with what you have and use this post as inspiration as you come up with what works perfectly for you.