Saturday, October 27, 2018

Spooktacular Halloween Bark Lollies

We've always been a family that has enjoyed making cutesy homemade treats for the holidays. Halloween is no exception. With four out of our five kiddos being between the ages of sixteen and twenty-eight now, it's down to just our eleven-year old who's even remotely interested in working on these goodies with me these days. {I'll take it while it lasts.} Making bark for any occasion is a perfect project for kids. No baking. No exact recipe to follow. And, they really can't mess things up too much.

Whether you need a sweet treat for the classroom, something to share at work or an edible party favor to serve up at your Halloween bash, making these suckers is super simple and so fun. They can be served as-is on a platter or be individually wrapped up with a cute ribbon in a clear cellophane bag.

The sky is the limit on embellishments, too, for these festive, spooktacular lollies. So, don't be afraid to use what you love and go crazy.

Yields 16 suckers.

What You Will Need:

16 ounces chocolate candy wafers
3 - 4 ounces white chocolate candy wafers
1 tablespoon vegetable shortening, as needed
Assorted toppings/garnishments of your choice {suggestions: mini pretzels, candy corn, Halloween-themed sprinkles, candy eyeballs, mini chocolate peanut butter cups, candy knives OR other candy, candy bars, dried fruit and/or nuts of your choice}
Festive paper straws, cut in half or lollipop sticks


Have all topping ingredients ready before melting chocolate as you will need to work quickly.

Line two large baking sheets with parchment paper.

Melt half of the chocolate wafers in microwave in a medium bowl. {Heat in 20 second intervals - stirring between each interval - until just smooth and warm.}

Create suckers by spreading circles of melted chocolate - working one or two at a time - onto parchment paper. Place end of straw at bottom of each circle. Dab on a little additional melted chocolate to secure straw "handle." Add toppings as desired. Repeat until first batch of melted chocolate is used.

Repeat steps using second half of chocolate.

Trays can be placed for a few minutes into freezer if needed to quickly harden suckers after toppings are on.

Once all suckers have been created and topped, melt white chocolate wafers in a small bowl on medium heat.  {Heat in 20 second intervals - stirring between each interval - until just smooth and warm.} NOTE:  Vegetable shortening can be stirred in as needed if your white chocolate is not thin enough to drizzle once melted.

Drizzle white chocolate back and forth over suckers.  Allow to fully cool before serving or storing.


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