Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Top Twelve Cooler Weather Recipes

It's that time of year again - the time when most of us around the country are craving food that evokes feelings of warmth, sustenance and comfort. We're embracing life beyond refreshing salads, grilling out and sipping lemonade by the pool. We're seeking out new soup recipes to try, inspiration for incorporating pumpkin into our desserts, heartier breakfasts that'll really "stick to our ribs" and maybe some ideas for dinner that'll require us to get those ovens heated up.

Today I am sharing twelve of my personal favorite fall recipes from here on Joyously Domestic. There's a little something for everyone here - desserts, soups, pasta, slow cooker meals and a real favorite here on JD - Oven-Roasted Chicken and Potatoes.

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I really enjoy this recipe because it is all made using one pan - hooray  for minimal dishes - and the add-in options are pretty vast. Stir in some mushrooms, leave out the spinach and/or substitute fresh tomatoes for the sun-dried ones. This meal comes together in thirty minutes or less ... pair it with some crusty bread and you've got a homerun on your hands. 
This is fall dessert decadence at its finest right here. I adore this recipe and have to restrain myself every time I make it. It's a recipe that truly celebrates the flavors of fall - it's got pumpkin, apple cider and lots of warm spices all included in one dish. It can be served as a dessert or as a brunch dish.
I love this recipe because it utilizes frozen bread dough, so these come together rather easily. The blueberries add something pretty darn special to a traditional cinnamon roll recipe ... and, the lemon glaze takes these over the top. They can be assembled the evening before and baked off in the morning. The perfect weekend breakfast treat is just a click away.
This is a rather new recipe in our household, but it's already a favorite. The subtle sweetness that the root beer brings during the slow cooking of the pork along with the tangy addition of BBQ sauce (I prefer my homemade version that's included within the recipe post OR your can use you favorite store-bought kind) makes for the perfect pulled pork sandwich.
This is one of my hubby's favorite meals. He's usually alongside of me the evening before I cook these ... helping assemble the cabbage rolls. That's what's so great about this recipe (besides the fact that it is scrumptious and delicious). You can have the rolls all made in advance. No real work in the morning. The ground beef and rice filling is my favorite part. Perfectly seasoned. Perfectly yummy.
This is one of those dishes that does require a little tending to and love. But, it is so incredibly worth it. It's perfect for weekend cooking when you're home and all cozied up indoors during the cooler months. My kids go nuts when I make this dish. We serve it up with some chive sour cream. It may look more complicated than it is ... I slice the potatoes with a basic chef's knife - no mandolin needed.  And, the kiddos love to help me "fan out" the potatoes into their pretty rows. Topped with a little crisp pancetta or bacon ... this is a dish that you'll want to add to your recipe repertoire.
This is my favorite stove-top soup. It's a copycat recipe based on Panera Bread's famous soup ... but, with a little cauliflower thrown in for good measure (and extra yumminess). Thirty minutes is all it takes. You can't get simpler than that on a busy, chilly weeknight.
Is there anything better than perfectly roasted chicken for dinner on a cold, blustery evening? This is such a simple recipe and one that has gotten some great reviews here on the blog. This comes out perfectly every time. The flavors are amazing and the supporting list of ingredients in this recipe is based on items most probably have on hand. So, add some bone-in chicken to your next grocery list and get to cookin'. Delish!
This recipe has become so crazy-popular on the blog in recent months and has gotten amazing reviews. This is truly the best way I've had beef roast and the way I prefer to make it now every
time. It is perfectly tender and perfectly seasoned. You can't go wrong with this recipe ... your family will thank you a million times over when you serve this.

Sausage Gravy and Biscuits Breakfast Bake

This all-in-one breakfast bake is perfect for chilly weekend mornings. It has all the components of a hearty breakfast in one dish. And, it's super easy to throw together.
Thanks to my Kentucky-born granny, I was raised eating ham and beans throughout my entire childhood. They were served alongside a big pan of homemade cornbread and we'd gladly eat the leftovers for days. I included this recipe in my "Top 12" list because it is hearty, comforting and incredibly economical. If you were lucky enough to be "brought up" on ham and bean soup, too, you definitely know what a true treat it is.

 Sweet Corn, Potato and Sausage Soup with Kale

I love the heartiness of this soup and, also, the subtle sweetness brought into the mix from the fresh corn. The addition of kale (fresh spinach is a great replacement if you're not into kale) adds such depth to this soup. Crumbled, crisp bacon can be used as a garnish if you'd like to omit the sausage within the soup. This is a great soup reheated and it only gets better overnight. 


I'd love to hear what some of your favorite fall and winter comfort foods are.
Feel free to share them below within the comments.

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