Friday, July 26, 2019

DIY Spice Jar Drawer Project 2.0

Five years ago, I was the monthly "Kitchen Made Simple" contributor for Teal & Lime/School of Decorating. In March of 2014, I shared a fun DIY solution for my spices and dried herbs. That system of organization has worked incredibly well for our family {and gotten a lot of compliments} throughout the past five years. But, the labels were getting stained a bit and discolored. Basically, they were in dire need of a face lift. Furthermore, I had since acquired additional spices for which I had not yet created labels. So, I recently spent an afternoon revamping the whole system.

This is a project that you can do - I promise. From start to finish, it took me about three hours this time around. If you've got a computer, printer, paper and scissors, you can create the labels. The rest of the project is just a matter of picking up some small glass jars, washing them up and transferring all of your spices.

It makes reaching for a particular spice or herb so quick and easy when you're knee-deep in the act of cooking and baking. It's been so totally worth the time and effort to set this system up.

I'll show you below how I did it all. Your computer program may be a little different or your jar size{s} may vary from mine. Just work with what you have and use this post as inspiration as you come up with what works perfectly for you.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Smooth and Creamy Avocado Dip

My focus in recent months has been on healthy eating and transforming my life in drastic ways. In January, I landed in the hospital for a week after spending four days horribly ill, unable to function and barely able to walk on my own. While my doctors are still trying to uncover the cause of my ongoing struggle with dizziness, imbalance, facial pain and difficulty finding strength to walk some days, a diagnosis of diabetes and anemia during my hospital stay has catapulted me into a total lifestyle overhaul. It has been the most difficult thing I think I've ever had to deal with in my forty-four years on this planet - scary as hell. But, I've been dedicated since that moment back in early-January to making healthy choices every single day and making the most of my new reality.

I've always loved salads and raw vegetables. (I'm so grateful for that now since those foods make up seventy-five percent of my diet every single day.) I buy pretty much the same items at the grocery store for myself week-after-week now. I know what works for me. I'm coming to know what foods do and do not spike my glucose levels. And, I know that these are ingredients that will be on my plate going forward for years to come.

So, finding creative, new ways to prepare or use those ingredients has become a daily challenge for me - one that I'm actually embracing with joy.  And, since avocados are something that I'm encouraged by my doctor to eat pretty much every day, turning them into a dip for my raw veggies only made sense.

And, this dip couldn't be easier. You'll need a blender or food processor to make it since you're looking for a super-smooth texture. Once you've got that ready, it's just a matter of tossing in some basic healthful ingredients and whirling it all until super creamy and luxurious.

I use this as a dip. But, you could drizzle it on tacos or it can be drizzled on a Buddha bowl (just thin with a bit more water). Yum!

The flavors are bright and vibrant. The dip turns out smooth and almost buttery. And, it lasts for a couple of days in the fridge, so make enough for tomorrow's lunch.