Sunday, July 01, 2012

My Daughter's 13th Birthday Print Project

My daughter, Allanah, recently turned thirteen. She isn't our first to enter into "teenage-hood" ... we have a twenty-two year old and one turning twenty this weekend. It's funny how you still see your children as little kids even as they grow up and come into their own. Our oldest two are actually my step-children (a.k.a. my "bonus kids") ... from my husband's first marriage. I came into their lives when they were three and five. Allanah was my first biological child, so this birthday was especially hard for me. Ya know, that whole "you're-getting-older-which-means-that-mom-is-getting-older" thing. I am so proud of her ... and am blessed to have such a respectful and respectable young lady for a daughter. 

I wanted to share something I made for her and had framed for her birthday.  (I used Microsoft Publisher.) 
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