Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Foodie Favorites - June 13

Crisp chocolate chip cookies, a hearty wheat bread that takes me back to my childhood and some kid-friendly snack packs that are fab on the go are just a few of the things I'm diggin' this week.

1. I don't indulge in chips all that often, but I do enjoy some with a good sandwich every now and then. One of my favorites? Sun Chips - the Garden Salsa variety. I like that they have a touch of heat, but aren't overly spicy. And, since they're multi-grain chips, I feel a tiny bit less guilty eating a handful or two.

2. My kids LOVE these apple, cheese and pretzel Foodles from Crunch Pak. They are great to take on the go. Other packs are available that include baby carrots and grapes.

3. I love that Sargento has a line of Ultra Thin cheese that is perfect for sandwiches and wraps. They are just 40 - 45 calories per slice. They work beautifully when making grilled cheese or panini sandwiches since they melt quickly and evenly. I'm partial to the Swiss variety, but several more varieties are offered.

4. I grew up with a loaf of Brownberry Natural Wheat Bread in the fridge the majority of the time. I remember having it loaded with shaved ham, mayo and alfalfa sprouts as a sandwich in my lunch at school. I still enjoy it as my sandwich bread of choice, but I like it toasted with a little butter and honey in the morning, too, for a quick breakfast. It, also, makes a killer grilled cheese sandwich. It has twelve whole grains, is preservative free and contains no high fructose corn syrup.

5. I buy 2 - 3 large bottles of Gold Peak Premium Tea each week. I am an iced tea addict. I prefer the unsweetened, but they offer many different varieties. My son likes the raspberry and my daughter loves the lemon.

6. My family is totally in love with these crisp Chocolate Chip Cookie Chips from HannahMax Baking. They taste like a cookie and eat like a chip. They are super addictive, so beware.

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