Friday, May 02, 2014

Friday Foodie Favorites - May 2

Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter, Sonoma Chicken Salad {A Whole Foods Copycat Recipe} and Sweet & Spicy Herbal Tea are just a few of the things I'm totally diggin' this week.

1. I discovered one incredible snack when I brought home a package of Suzie's Corn, Quinoa and Sesame Thin Cakes from Whole Foods. These aren't your typical, boring rice cakes, friends. Three cakes have just 38 calories and contain only corn, quinoa, sesame seeds, oil and salt.

2. I am in love with Mariani Sesame Honey Bars. They contain no trans fat, no added colors, no preservatives and no added flavors. They are simply made with sesame seeds, peanuts, honey, raisins, almonds, sunflower kernels and pumpkin seeds. So divine. (They come in other varieties, too.)

3. I swear that angels sing when I spread this Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter on a warm slice of crusty bread. It is rich, decadent and heavenly.

4. I recently shared my experience making Sonoma Chicken Salad using the recipe straight from the Whole Foods' website. It is nothing short of amazing. I've made two batches in five days! You MUST make this and judge for yourself! I like it on toasted sourdough or marble rye with just a little butter and topped with sliced red onions and leaf lettuce.

5. My kids and hubby are totally loving my Old-Fashioned Tapioca Pudding these days. The best small pearl tapioca I have found is Bob's Red Mill brand. One bag yields several batches. Store-bought pudding cups have nothing on my easy from-scratch version.

6. I simply cannot get enough of this Sweet & Spicy Herbal Tea from Good Earth. Described as an aromatic sweet cinnamon tea with hints of orange ... this full flavored signature blend offers up a rich, spicy fragrance followed by a sweet, warming, clean taste without added sugar. The ingredient list lured me right in: organic rooibos, organic chicory root, organic cinnamon, organic rosehip, organic honeybush, natural flavor, organic lemongrass, organic chamomile, organic peppermint, organic ginger root, organic orange oil and organic orange peel.  I've been enjoying it hot, but am looking forward to serving it iced this summer with lots of lemon and orange slices. It's easily found at most supermarkets and, also, is available for the Keurig.

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