Tuesday, April 01, 2014

March Recap

It's April! How glorious! I have been so overly ready for spring. I'm praying that the decent weather we've had this past weekend here in Michigan is here to stay! (Fingers crossed.)

In spite of lots and lots of sickness making its way through our household all throughout the month of March, I did manage to post a handful of new recipes and share some other non-recipe posts this past month. The flu took hold of us one-by-one and knocked each of us on our butts for almost a week at time during March! I've had my fridge, freezer and pantry loaded with ingredients to make so many new recipes, but it's been a month of doctor visits, make-up homework and caring for my sick young ones (and myself). I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and bringing you some yummy, new recipes in April. In the meantime, here's a look back at March.

March Recipe Posts

1.  My Bananas Foster Cinnamon Roll Bake was a huge hit at a recent family brunch that was held at my mom's house. It was so simple to throw together, but went perfectly with the other savory brunch dishes we served.

2.  I love making quiche. It's an especially economical dish to make when you have a bunch of leftovers to use up. For this version, I brought together tender asparagus, chopped ham and lots of cheese to create an out-of-this-world Rustic Quiche that is great paired with a simple salad. It makes for a great breakfast-for-dinner option during the week.

3.  My kids and hubby adore Taco Pan Pizza. It's fun to make, quick to assemble and allows you to use the taco toppings that your family likes.

4.  In March, I shared with you another version of my overnight oatmeal. This Slow Cooker Morning Glory Steel Cut Oatmeal is simply amazing. It's chocked full of a myriad of healthful ingredients and will keep you full well into the afternoon.

5.  My Skillet Balsamic Pork Chops brought new life to boring pork chops in the Joyously Domestic household. The simple glaze takes ho-hum chops to a whole new level.

6.  My kids adore potato soup. My Slow Cooker Simple Cheesy Potato Soup is one of their favorites. There's nothing better than coming home to a slow cooker full of piping hot, hearty soup at day's end.

JD Out and About
Have you been over to Teal & Lime lately to check out my appearance there as a monthly contributor? Jackie invited me at the beginning of the year to begin a year-long guest series - Kitchen Made Simple - on her site. I'll be sharing organizing tips, fun printables, homemade gift ideas and maybe some recipes along the way. In March, I shared my Easy DIY Spice Drawer Storage solution. Check it out ... it was such a fun, simple project that has totally made a world of difference for me in the kitchen.

Introducing a New Monthly Feature
In March, I introduced a new monthly feature - Blogger Spotlight. For my inaugural post in this series, I featured Lori from Foxes Love Lemons. Lori is such a joy and offers so many amazing recipes on her blog. If you haven't stopped by to visit her, I encourage you to do so right away. You'll love her! Stay tuned later this week for our next installment of Blogger Spotlight. I've got a super fun and talented gentlemen blogger to introduce you to. I'm so excited.

Let's Talk about Facebook

As many of you have probably heard, Facebook is now severely limiting the number of people it allows business pages to reach when we share our recipes or other content. I have over 6,000 page followers, yet most of my posts through my Joyously Domestic Facebook page only reach a couple of hundred people. That means that you probably aren't seeing much of what I share. I haven't yet been able to justify paying to promote my posts (which is Facebook's goal now) since the cost can reach hundreds of dollars each day. (Yikes!) So, I encourage you to follow along with Joyously Domestic via Twitter, Pinterest and by subscribing to my email mailing list if you'd like to stay in the loop when I post new content each week.

Happenings on the Home Front
March was a busy time in the Joyously Domestic household. Our daughter, Allanah, turned fifteen this past month and finished up her driver's training classes. It is just so fun and exciting to see your children reach these milestones in their lives. We couldn't be more proud of her. Our oldest, Christopher, turned twenty-four. He lives in Arizona, so we missed him like crazy on his birthday this year. It's always sad when you can't spend time with one of your kiddos on their birthday.
Our younger two, Zayne and Ayvah, got to spend a lot of time playing outdoors in March enjoying the massive amounts of snow we have received this season. (P.S. I won't lie - I'm glad it's almost all melted. Bring on flip flop season!)

As always, I thank you so very much for supporting Joyously Domestic and for following along on my blogging journey. Happy spring and may you have a fabulous April!

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