Friday, August 17, 2012

Check Out Nakee' Natural

While I usually blog on JD mostly about food, crafts, parties and home projects, I am, personally, super excited to be joining up with NaKee' Natural (a hand-crafted soap and skincare company) as one of their new guest bloggers and reviewers for their beautiful, spa-quality products.

The company's creator, owner and "Artistic Alchemist," Candy, has been a family friend for about three decades.  At one point, she was my youth group leader at the church our families attended when I was younger.  I hold some special memories of her family in my heart and have the utmost respect for her as an individual and a business woman.

I have used Candy's products in the past.  But, today I received a lovely grouping of products that I will be using, then reviewing on NaKee' Natural's blog in the future.  Before even opening the shipping package, I could smell the scents of the skincare goodies inside!  (I just know my mail carrier had to have enjoyed transporting this package on her morning route today!)

I just had to share a photo of what awaited me inside the package and I wanted to fill you in on just what I will be (blissfully) reviewing.

  • I received three items from the Moroccan Glow line.  The first is Moroccan Mud Glow, a beautifully-crafted bar of soap .  The second is a Moroccan Glow Light Oil Body Spray.   A Moroccan Solid Lotion Stick rounds out my trio of patchouli, rosewood and lavender-scented products. 
  • From the Pink Crush line (think juicy pink grapefruit!), I will be trying a soap bar, as well, along with Candy's Pink Crush Light Oil Body Spray. 
  • Lastly, from the Pink Aloe line, I'm looking forward to using the Facial Masque from NaKee' Natural.

I'm definitely JOYFUL about the prospect of using all of these products! (Isn't it funny how excited and over the moon we get whenever we get to try new makeup, skincare products, lotions or potions, ladies?)

I am proud to be starting this endeavour with NaKee' Natural, a company here local to me in Michigan.  Here is a brief description from their website of their products:
We make natural soaps and skincare in small batches in Michigan. We use organic, unrefined, and fairly traded ingredients. We avoid synthetic additives that are unnecessary to create a pure spa-quality product. You can enjoy the spa experience in the privacy of your own home whenever you wish. We encourage you to take time for yourself. We have formulated these creations for you; to relax and rejuvenate not only your body, but your mind and soul as well.
I wanted to share the link to her website with my readers.  Click HERE to visit NaKee' Natural online.  Local pick-up and shipping are both available.


  1. I've recently made the swtich to using natural skincare and makeup products. And, yes ... we gals sure do get excited when we get something new to try! Like a kid in a candy store. Thx for sharin' this post. i am in TN, but like that they ship to me.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Brenda! I wish the computer had smell-o-vision ... the scents of these products are one of the initial lovely attributes of having these show up at your door! Before you even try the products, you can tell there is something special about them! Keep me posted if you do decide to give any of them a try!

  2. What beautiful looking products and the fact that they are local to me too is wonderful. I will have to check out the website.